Meet The Authors

Meet The Authors

If you take a look at the brain on an MRI, you’ll notice that autistic people’s brains are usually different from ours. Their brain has a bigger back of the head, in comparison to their frontal lobe.

This is because they have more neurons or cells in their brain, which results in a higher number of connections between neurons.

More than what Normal People has

In fact, children with autism might have as many as two million more neurons than a neurotypical person.

All these extra connections mean that everything is observed and processed by their brains differently than our brains observe and process information.

For example, when we put on a shirt our senses register it as being just like any other shirt we’ve worn before.

The Slightest Changes make the Difference

For someone on the autism spectrum, they might be able to detect the difference between fabric types and how these fabrics feel against the skin. It’s overwhelming for them because there are so many more stimuli coming at them than for someone who isn’t autistic.