About Passing Privilege And Being

About Passing Privilege And Being

Having a new baby in the family is indeed a time for celebration.

But among first-time parents, this is definitely a nerve-racking experience.

So to help you out make the right decisions along the way, here are a few tips.

Stock Up

Have a well-stocked diaper bag ready before your baby is born. You’ll want to include diapers, wipes, extra clothes, a blanket, pacifier, bottle or breast pump and anything else that you may need for a quick outing with your little one.

Know Your Go-To Persons

Create a list of emergency phone numbers including those of family members and friends who live nearby, your pediatrician’s office number and the number of the hospital where you’ll give birth.

What to Bring?

Prepare a kit for the hospital stay with two sets of pajamas (or loose clothing), toiletries, slippers or flip-flops, bathrobe or housecoat, toothbrush and toothpaste, facial soap or cream and moisturizer (no perfumes), hairbrush or comb, nail clippers in case they don’t have any at the hospital.