Neuro Diversity Paradigm Parenting Faqs

Neuro Diversity Paradigm Parenting Faqs

There are many ways to support someone with autism, and understanding their difficulties will help make the experience more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Ways to Support Someone With Autism 

Appropriate Touch: This can be hard for many autistic people. They may not want to be touched or approached in certain ways, but they might enjoy other forms of touching. This includes patting them on the back, playing with their hair, or giving a hug.

It’s also important to understand that people with autism may have trouble understanding jokes and sarcasm. They might take things very literally. So when you respond to them, do so in a straightforward manner.

Not their Comfort Zone

Many autistic people will find eye contact uncomfortable. If they want you to look at them, they might make eye contact first by gazing at your eyes or face from different angles before turning away again. Make sure you don’t stare too long at the person.

But remember, it’s about finding what is comfortable for the person with autism and what makes sense for them.