Month: February 2024

A Juggling Act: Tips for Breastfeeding Working Moms

A Juggling Act: Tips for Breastfeeding Working Moms

Working as a mother and breastfeeding is a huge challenge. You can work and feed your child well if you have a strategy and aid. Mothers are multitasking superheroes, so here are some breastfeeding tips while working.

1. Express Milk Professionally

Get an excellent breast pump to express milk swiftly at work. Double electric pumps are famous for their speed and efficiency—schedule pumping sessions to maintain milk production.

2. Get a Convenient Pumping Area

Ask for a comfortable pumping area at work. Pumping is better in a quiet, private area with a soft chair, electrical outlets, and no clutter.

3. Collect Breast Milk

A few weeks before returning to work, collect breast milk. This will make switching easy and give you a backup supply. Freeze expressed milk in small amounts to avoid waste.

4. Communicate with Your Manager

Discuss your nursing needs, including breaks and pumping locations. Employers are usually accommodating to breastfeeding mothers.

5. Use BPA-free Containers

For storing expressed milk use containers that are BPA-free to ensure safety. Label each jar with a date to use the oldest milk first. This will prolong milk freshness.

One Last Thought

To conclude, breastfeeding working women may succeed with the right resources and mindset. More companies are welcoming breastfeeding moms to the office.