Neurodiversity Matters

Neurodiversity Matters

Autistic people often have trouble with social skills and communication. They may also have difficulty understanding language, sensory difficulties, and rigid or obsessive behaviors.

It can be hard for autistic people to read facial expressions and gestures, leading to misunderstandings in conversation. This may be why many autistic children prefer playing alone.

Listen to what they Say and do not Say

One major difficulty someone with autism may have is in processing verbal and nonverbal signals. This can lead to misunderstanding, frustration, and even anger when someone feels they’ve been misunderstood.

It is important to listen carefully to what the person with autism says and does not say. Often, they will demonstrate their feelings through behaviors or expressions without saying a word.

It’s their Way and You must Keep Up with it 

For example, if they are frustrated, they might withdraw from interactions and try to avoid any social engagement. If you see this behavior from the person you are interacting with, it is best to give them some space rather than pushing for more interaction.

By listening and responding accordingly, you will help make anyone’s day that much better.