Dinosaurs Are Autistic Too Paula Flinn

Dinosaurs Are Autistic Too Paula Flinn

Non-medical treatment is a good option if you want to avoid the cost of medical intervention. If your child isn’t ready for, or doesn’t need, medical intervention, it might be best to use non-medical treatments.

Non-medical treatments are often less expensive than medication or other treatments and can be just as effective in treating autism.

Treating Autism via ABA

One of the most popular non-medical treatments for autism is applied behavioral analysis. This behavioral therapy uses teaching techniques to help kids develop social skills they may lack due to their condition. 

Teaching techniques include modeling, shaping, and reinforcement. Applied behavior analysis can be done at home or at special schools that specialize in this type of therapy.

How Speech Therapy can Help?

Another popular non-medical treatment for autism is speech therapy. Speech therapists work with children who have trouble communicating verbally or understanding what others say to them because of their autism spectrum disorder. Speech therapists use verbal exercises, games, and other strategies to help those with autism communicate better.