Meeting conflicting needs in our neurodiverse family

2 adults, 6 kids. Multiple neurodivergences. That’s my family. Bipolar, Autistic, Anxiety, Depression, Sensory Sensitivities, Sleep Challenges. We have variety. We have diversity. We have strengths and challenges. We have lots of different interests, lots of  different preferences. And we have many differing needs and a big range of coping strategies. As with most families, […]

Be Selfish

I’ve been trying to get an idea of mine across and it’s been difficult. I’ve kept it rolling around in the back of my mind. It might be ready now… Parenting a child, autistic or not, has to be about you; the parent. For me, this is the core of the peaceful parenting I aspire […]

Culture Shock

Not long ago I had been battling anger, frustration and sadness at being on the outer. I have been exasperated that people can’t just accept my family, our choices and our life as being different. Insulted by the need to question our lives, when I don’t question theirs. The reason why I was so hurt, […]