More of what he needs….less of what he doesn’t

My son doesn’t like noise, traffic, crowds, busyness, unexpected things happening or neighbours. He’s lived his whole 4 and a half years in the inner city, which is filled with all of the above. He’s spent months at a time preferring to stay inside our house, at times refusing to venture even into our back […]

It is only a season

I tend to think of myself as a parent, second time around. This is because there is an age difference of almost 15 years between my daughter and son. I can’t really remember much of the day to day stuff from my daughter’s early years. I remember her baby face when she slept, that she […]

Spectrum Dweller

I’m an autistic woman. I have a long history of depression, and some hefty anxiety issues. Combine that with my sensory processing issues and some periodic insomnia, and it means that in addition to NinjaGirl’s stuff we need to find ways of accommodating my stuff that makes the family work. It’s a balancing act that we don’t always […]