Community Guildelines

Respectfully Connected is a group blogging project celebrating, promoting and sharing stories about gentler, more compassionate ways of raising autistic children. We write to encourage others and challenge widely held stereotypes and parenting norms.

If you feel defensive, please reflect on those feelings before commenting. Remember our writers are sharing their own experiences, not prescribing how you must parent or relate to your child.

At Respectfully Connected, we aim to maintain a space that is safe for Autistics to visit.

To this end we ask that all members of this community adhere to the following Community Guidelines:

  1. On this site the opinions and experience of Autistic adults take precedence over those of parents and professionals in all conversations about Autism. Please do not disrespect Autistic experience and viewpoints.
  2. Please don’t use any “-isms” – racism, sexism, ableism etc are all forms of discrimination or otherwise offensive language.
  3. Please do not refer to Autism as a disorder.
  4. All contributors to this blog prefer to use identity first language (i.e. Autistic person, not “person with Autism”) when referring to themselves (if Autistic) and their children.
  5. Please do not use functioning labels (i.e. “high functioning”, “severe” etc) in comments on our site.
  6. Please do not comment on our site in support of a cure for Autism, or in support of studies or genetic research that will lead to the “eradication” of Autism
  7. Please do not comment on our site in support of ABA, or any other form of behaviour modification therapy
  8. Please do not include any sort of advertising in your comments.
  9. Comment in the spirit of support, respect, and genuine inquiry. Do not comment to argue, critique or express disagreement for the sake of it.
  10. Gaslighting, bullying and trolling is never acceptable and will result in an immediate ban.

Comments that do not adhere to the requests made in these Community Guidelines will not be approved.

Thank you, Respectfully Connected