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Neurodivergence and Navigating Holiday Season

Holiday season can be really demanding. Lots of events to attend that are noisy, bright and crowded. In Australia, the Christmas season is at the end of our school year, which is also a stressful time as school classes are out of routine, everyone is tired, and the weather is heating up. For homeschooling families the […]

Controlling words

Sometimes when my kids are hanging out with each other they disagree about things. During those disagreements it is not uncommon for one of them to say “you are being mean to me”. I bet this happens in other families too. Over my 20 years of parenting, I’ve learned something about the phrase “you are […]

The cocoa cost of parenting

I made a conscious decision a few years back to do all I could to encourage autonomy in my children, even when it was inconvenient for me. This means my house is often messy as they learn about caring for their own things by experiencing the consequences of not caring for their things. My planned […]