About Respectfully Connected

Respectfully Connected: Journeys in Parenting and Neurodivergence is a group blogging project celebrating neurodiversity in families.

Authors of this blog come from a wide range of backgrounds and between them have an enormous amount of parenting experience. They all share a desire to parent in a way that both models and facilitates respect and connection, and that values all kinds of diversity. The authors of this blog also share the experience of being part of neurodivergent families.

This blog exists to share the authors stories, with the hope they will empower and encourage other parents on their journey with the knowledge that there is a gentler, more compassionate way of raising autistic children than much of society tells us, and that close attached relationships are very possible.

The blog authors all support the Neurodiversity Model, and make a habit of challenging the negative and stereotyped messages provided to parents of newly diagnosed Autistic children. They also recognise the Neurodiversity Model as providing a way of thinking that supports our children effectively to grow into confident and happy adults.

Image shows a variety of photographs of children with their parents