Love spills

We live in a world of beauty, you know.

We live among children. And what could be more perfect than a child?

Can you remember when you were a child, before you began to feel the weight of the world upon you? For me, I don’t think it lasted long. I can’t recall times of joy and freedom’; I think they stopped when I was very young. But I can feel; in my body, in my movements, in my smiles, and in the way I gravitate toward the things I love and that bring me happiness; that I did live like this at some time. How else would I know how to throw myself at life as I do? And don’t we all do this? Don’t we all jump into joy and make the things we love work even when it is inconvenient and illogical?

How wonderful those early times must have been. Even though I don’t remember it consciously, I know I must remember it somewhere, on some level. My heart remembers. I reap the benefits of that wild joy, I know I must. I don’t know how else to explain how I am pulled always to the things that bring me joy. I surely learned that somewhere, to have such ease in doing it now.

I see my own children living with the kind of exuberance that takes my breath away and makes my heart speed up with excitement and happiness. It can only be described as one of the most fascinating and joyous pleasures in existence, to see children at play and living while surrounded by a deep love and by the knowledge that this love is supposed to be there and will always be there, and that this is a natural way to be. Who wouldn’t thrive surrounded by love and its assurances?

I see how they take this love that cocoons them always, and I see them in the world lit up and giving off this radiance. I do not even know how to describe it. But I do not doubt that it is there. I just watch them for a few minutes, and I see it. It’s unmistakable.

The love I give them, and that the family unit gives them, is some kind of magic. It is powerful. If magic exists, I don’t believe it is in spells or in materials gathered and used. I believe it is in LOVE. I believe it is there and has been there making magic for as long as humans have been around. People live through all kinds of horrific things and difficult circumstances and even in the worst of these the goal of adults is always the wellbeing of the children. Why is that? Why are we so pulled to love even when our lives are falling to pieces? Why do we give our lives for love?

How do we have parents who were treated terribly when they were children, coming into parenthood just wanting to love their kids and determined to do that well? What made them so sure love was the answer? And how do they succeed, with the odds seemingly stacked against them? How do we know to do this? It is because love is magic for humans and we know this at some instinctual level. We know we should do it, and that it is right to do it, even while we do not question how we have this knowledge and don’t recall acquiring it.

Love is so strong that it just explodes everywhere. It spills out from wherever it is given and into the world. It is basically like one giant mess that you cannot get rid of. (And who would want to get rid of such a wonderful mess?)

So when we love our children, when we give them what we know is magical and perfect for them to take into the world with them as they live; we are sending this out beyond them also. We are sending this incredible power out there, and it will spill. It will spill out from them as they live. It will spill out from you as you live. And as the world becomes more and more full of love, it will bask in this magic.


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  1. Lee
    Lee says:

    I am grateful that I recently found your website. I am the mom of two adult children, the eldest diagnosed on the autism spectrum.
    Thank you, Ally, for this beautiful writing. It truly touched my heart. In all the busyness, I forget these truths. Thank you for reminding me.


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