This is what unschooling looks like

You asked to be timed to run up and down the hallway. Over and over again trying to beat your own time.

Then we took a measurement of how high you could jump.

Now you’re doing some ‘exercises’, counting your reps and checking your biceps. You like to be strong.

You do some hanging and I tell you about monkeys and how they are great at hanging and maybe that’s why humans are pretty good at hanging too. When you ask why, we talk about evolution again and how monkeys changed to humans.

You want to know more, so I draw a diagram to show you how it works.

We talk for a while and one topic leads to another, and now you’re wanting to talk about Japan again.

Japan is your favourite subject right now.

You like Geisha’s and pretty cherry blossom trees. You like samurai’s and ninja’s and codes of honour. You like sushi. Sometimes. You like shakahachi music (and metal) and watching Ninjago in Japanese.

We talk about samurai swords and then swords in general and what they are made of. We talk about wood and iron and why different people used different sorts of swords.

Then you grab our swords and we fight. I remember some fencing moves so I show you and we do them together for a bit. We make the sound effects and you start wielding magic fight powers. 30 minutes later and now it’s pretty much an epic game of chasey involving plastic dinosaurs and your hair is stuck to your head with sweat.

You find your way to the couch and reach for your iPad. You choose one of your games with sounds and lights and patterns that are restful for you. You look spent. For now.

You’re not yet 5 years old but you’re in charge of your own learning. You have been since birth.

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