Image shows a child wearing a blue shirt facing away from the camera. The child is in a flower garden, and is leaning up close to a red tulip, and appears to be smelling it.

My son notices the details – Paula Flinn

This beautiful poem is a guest post written by Paula Flinn. Thank you Paula, your reflections made us all at Respectfully Connected smile, and we know our readers will love them too.

My son notices the details…

He notices the leaves that are shaped like love hearts.

He notices the one tiny flower amongst many that looks like a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

He notices the seeds on strawberries are black or yellow…and the black ones taste better.

He notices the patterns in the bricks as the world rushes past.

He notices the shapes made by the shadow of a flickering candle.

He notices the sound of the grain train far off in the distance.

He notices the smell of the chocolate on my breath that I tried to eat without him noticing.

And not only does he notice…
He marvels;
He wonders;
He questions;
He is inspired.

And I hope he never stops noticing, because his noticing reminds me to slow down.

His noticing reminds me to look around and really see.

His noticing reminds me to not just hear, but to listen.

His noticing reminds me to stop and smell the roses.

His noticing reminds me to appreciate how blessed I am.

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