Image is of a small, fair haired boy crouched on a table holding a pen and doing a letter game.

Master of himself

My son is assertive.

He knows exactly what he wants to wear and what he doesn’t.
He knows what food he wants now, how it should be served and where he will eat it.
He knows which park he will go to today, tomorrow and the day after and what he will do when he gets there.
He knows that he wants a square birthday cake, with pink icing, sprinkles and four candles of different colours.
He knows which Lego set he will be getting next and where he’ll get it from.

My son knows how to tell other children in the park who are bothering him that they are bothering him and what they need to do about it.
He knows he won’t say hello or goodbye because he doesn’t want to.
He knows where everyone in the family must sit in the living room and he’s very good at telling you if you forget and get it wrong.

My son will not recite the alphabet if you request it, nor will he repeat something cute because you asked him to.
He will tell you when it’s time you left and give you an idea of when he would like you to return.
He will not have his photo taken unless he consents.

He is Master of his days and Master of his body and will tell anyone who infringes on his rights that they had better stop now.

My son knows what he wants and he knows how to assert himself to get it.
And that’s perfect.

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