Photo shows three children lying on their stomachs on the ground, two of the children are facing one another, the ground is a dark-coloured concrete.

My family lie on the ground in public places. Let us be!

Today, towards the end of a visit to our favourite museum,
All three of my children lay on the ground together.
They pushed their little stomachs and soft cheeks hard in to the concrete.
One closed her eyes and pretended to snore.
It was a cute moment and I took a photo.
One by one they got up and off we wandered together.

We do this often.
Use our bodies to experience what is beneath us.
We ground ourselves. Literally.

When I work,
I work best sitting on the ground,
With bits of paper, and a MacBook,
Not people, all around me.

I love to step outside during the day without shoes and feel
the ground beneath me and the sun on my skin.

My children have always felt this need to be free of shoes;
and touch the earth with their hands.

When they are in a busy place,
Or stressed,
Need to focus or escape;
My children lie down on their stomachs, faces and fingers touching
concrete/carpet/tiles underneath.

As their mama, I choose to ignore those around us,
Even those who stare or comment.
I let my children’s bodies do, what their minds need them to do.

If my family can ground ourselves for that moment, a brief pause,
we can get up and move forward with ease.

So if you see us, let us be.

If you have a child who, like us,
uses their body to focus and calm their mind,
Let them have this moment.
Let them rock or flap or spin or stomp.

Let them lie on the ground.
Perhaps take the time to sit down with them and ground yourself too.

There’s wisdom in our children’s ways. You’ll be glad you followed their lead.

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