Photo: A child runs through water spray in side profile, with a hose held by a person, only their hand is seen. There is a rainbow in the top right of the image, above the child

The eye of the cyclone

What is it like being a family of neurodivergent people? This is my experience…

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows.

Some days we crash and clash
bang and bash
A cacophony of sound and movement. Soothing,
for some

Restless nights and
tired too-busy days.
Without naps.

Things that bring joy
constantly encroached on
by another’s needs.
Equally important.

Everything’s half done. Underdone,

We don’t go gently. Although,
at least one of us does, sometimes.

We’re cyclonic.But we’re moving in the same direction.
And usually we find our way to the eye of the cyclone,
often together.
And then,

It is sunshine and rainbows

Actual beautiful Sunshine,
and mud, on skin.

Cacophony-cancelling earmuffs

and iPads with Disney movies,
on Repeat.

quiet rooms.

Patterns and categories,
and boxes.
With labels.

Impromptu toy shop visits to collect
another toy we must

Knowing what makes each of us happy
Their favourite this or that.
Bringing it to them.

So many hugs and kisses.
Wrestles on the bed in piles of clothes

Staying home all day
To play
To rest

Family Moments
stretching out across sunrises and sunsets.

Until one day, when my Final Sunset comes,And the cyclonic days will be remembered.

I suspect,
The glorious, divine moments of

in the eye of the cyclone, will be
Our story.

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