My child is not a prop in your political campaign…

by Momma Dulock

My child is not a random face on a poster, plastered on murals to proselytize a better way of living…

My son is not a research grant, or a charitable organization, or a five-mile walk.

My child is not a prepuce.

My child is not an illness.

He is not an ailment.

He is not a cure, nor is he a cause.

My child is not a question mark, or a
puzzle, or a light bulb.

He does not exist within the confines of a glass vial.

He is not a test tube, or a sample cup, or
a dosage of chemicals designed to hurt, harm, heal, help or hinder.

My child is not a cruciferous vegetable.

He is not a protein that exists in wheat,
barley, rye or other grains.

He does not inflame your bowels.
He does not cause constipation, nor does he cure it.

He is not a piece of fruit, grown free of
pesticides, herbicides, or harmful toxins.

My child is not a laboratory, nor does he inhabit one.

He is not an animal to be trained, nor is
he proof that the world needs to better love our four legged, furry friends.

My child is not an ominous warning of the
downfall of civilization, nor is he a prophesy of a better world to come.

He is not a self-help book or an angel sentto heal the world.

My child is not a fundraising goal, or a bottom line, or a government investment.

He does not exist on your budget lines, nor does he inhabit the spaces between the words within your speech.

My child is not a slogan plastered on picket signs, shouted from legislative steps, or written as some pre-emptive
epitaph of a person who ‘might have been

Or ‘could be’

Or ‘should be’.

My child is not a statistic. He is not a dollar figure. He is not an issue to be addressed.

My child is not a political campaign. He is not a mandate. He is not a platform.

My child is a child.

A child who will one day soon be an adult.

My child is a human being, despite any attempts to portray him as ‘other’.

My child’s right to a life of liberty and freedom and respect and dignity is written into his genetic code; his humanityinscribed into his DNA.

My child is not a weapon to be used to advance your cause.

My child is not a warning to be feared or a harbinger of a world without ‘words’.

My child is not a prop in your movement. He is not a linch pin in your cause.

My child is not a burden. He is not a worry. He is not responsible my mental health.

My child is not to blame for the ills in the world.

He is also not the result of them.

He is not yours to decipher or discover or display.

He is not mine to do so, either.

He is his.

And he ‘is’, as you and I ‘are’.

Flesh and bone and blood, somehow combining to create life, laughter, heart and soul.


He was born of love, into love and giving love.

My child is not a crusade.

He is a person.

Just as he is- for all that he is.