Putting the brakes on

Some people are dismissive of the Neurodiversity Paradigm and feel it’s a glitter bombing of all things autism. It clearly isn’t. And sometimes things are really hard. But we can handle this with respect to the person who is having a difficult time and support everyone. I wanted to share what we do whilst riding […]

The difference between a tantrum and a meltdown

by Cas Faulds You probably clicked on this title because you want to find out the difference between a tantrum and a meltdown, so I’ll tell you what I’ve read others say about these differences. A tantrum is often described as an outburst from a child when they want something, while a meltdown is described as a reaction […]

You Asked: Supporting children with self-injurious stims

We asked the Respectfully Connected community to submit questions for our authors, and this is the fourth in our series of eight responses. (All of the ‘You Asked’ series of posts can be found here) Our Autistic writers respond thoughtfully to Q.4 here, sharing their own experiences, parenting values & strategies for supporting children. Within […]

“I 100% accept that my child is autistic but…..”

In my conversations with parents of autistic children, I’m noticing something interesting about the idea of acceptance. Some parents share that they completely accept that their child is autistic, but they go on to search with desperation for a solution to many of the behaviors that come with autism. I know the feeling of being desperate for things to be […]