Image of an orange square with a picture of a person holding a child. The words read Respectfully Connected - Merry Holiday Shutdowns and Happily Ever Afters - from Respectfully Connected.

Merry Holiday Shutdowns and Happily Ever Afters – a collaborative post

The writers at Respectfully Connected have collaborated to bring you this post – our tips, survival strategies and family traditions to ensure that the Festive Season is a great one for our neurodivergent families. Meg Murry: Our family is neurodiverse, with a variety of needs and desires about how to spend the holiday season, so […]

Text on meme reads: I will not require him to filter his reality through a lens that I dictate and approve of. Nor will I force him to cleaver off parts of himself and bury them deep inside.


As a child, legend has it I was ‘easy going’. I just ‘fit right in’ to the family and ‘didn’t cause any problems’. I just ‘went along with things’. Is that what my family thought? Looking at me from the outside, I can see that is what people might have thought. Inside was a different […]

Helping out at a Pride Day stall for 'Rainbow Families QLD'

A second coming out & getting proud by practising

“Briannon is a proudly queer, autistic woman with three autistic children” Sometimes I feel my ‘intro to Bri’ should swap the word ‘proudly’ with ‘fearful’, because most days my Autistic pride feels more like fear. That’s because identifying as autistic in my 30s is my second coming out.My first coming out was when I fell […]

Word meme: How do you, as an autistic adult, feel that your life would be different if you had been raised with the type of understanding, compassion and acceptance that you are advocating? How did the feeling that you were disordered or needing of therapy affect your life?

You Asked: How would your life be different?

We asked the Respectfully Connected community to submit questions for our authors, and this is the third in our series of eight responses. (All of the ‘You Asked’ series of posts can be found here) Our Autistic writers respond here to Q.3, and for some of us this was one of the hardest to reflect on, […]