Image of a small boy, holding hands with his father and walking.

Embrace the label

I’ve read a few comments on various social networking sites from parents who are hesitant to pursue a diagnosis for their child because they worry about them being ‘labelled’ as autistic. I remember feeling that way myself when considering what was best for my 3 year old son. I’m no fan of the medical model, […]

Image shows two children, from behind, crossing a wooden bridge.

No I’m not Zen.

I have been learning to parent respectfully since becoming a mum four and a half years ago. When you parent without punishments, time outs, yelling, hitting etc, you soon learn that your definitely in the minority. You’re thought of as one of “those” parents and people think your children have no discipline. I think some people […]

Photo shows two young children asleep beside each other, arms touching, one child has rolled in towards the second child who is holding a red tag blanket.

Learning to Exhale

I have been holding my breath since the day my eldest son was born; holding my breath and running. In fact, my whole family has been running headfirst at the world. It’s how we’ve always done things – working, volunteering, careers we love, a business, house, three children, friends and family. Every day for four […]

To Live is to Learn- image is of a four year old girl with blonde pigtails on top of a glorious carousel horse, one hand on the golden pole, one in her mouth in nervous excitement, supported from the side by her mom.

Life is All a Magic Window

There is a pervasive ideology in the mainstream autism parenting and education community that when it comes to autistic children, you have to act fast. That if we are to teach our children anything, we must hammer it into them before a magical developmental window slams closed forever, leaving our children permanently shut out. This concept […]