Black and white photo of myself, face toward the camera, smiling at my child, who is also smiling, facing me and away from the camera, side profile

He almost died / The beauty of every breath

Content Note: Mentions of child illness & hospitals My sweet boy sleeps beside me now, his rhythmc breaths interrupted only by toddler sleep-sighs. He is divine. And I feel so relieved to hear him breathe. Because he almost wasn’t born, he almost didn’t get the chance to take his first breath. Because when he was born, […]

Word meme: How do you, as an autistic adult, feel that your life would be different if you had been raised with the type of understanding, compassion and acceptance that you are advocating? How did the feeling that you were disordered or needing of therapy affect your life?

You Asked: How would your life be different?

We asked the Respectfully Connected community to submit questions for our authors, and this is the third in our series of eight responses. (All of the ‘You Asked’ series of posts can be found here) Our Autistic writers respond here to Q.3, and for some of us this was one of the hardest to reflect on, […]

A word meme on a textured grey background. Below a large quotation mark is text: I see you because I have been you. Your story is my story. But there is more than one autism story. | Briannon Lee

I see you. I invite you to see me.

I see you, Sitting in the car outside the paediatrician’s office. In shock. Your child has been diagnosed with autism, by a health professional using a list of deficits in a manual of Mental Disorders. You have a long report about your child’s problems. All the ways they’re different to other children. All the things […]

Text on image says: Strong People don't put others down... They lift them up. Photo credit:

Don’t you DARE call my Autistic son a “sissy”

(This post is the second in a three part installment. The first part appears here.) “Don’t you DARE call my Autistic son a “sissy!” These are the words that I wish I had uttered a few days ago. It was a sunny, beautiful Saturday afternoon – made even more beautiful by the fact that it was […]