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Nine Tips on Toileting for Parents

Toileting, like sleeping through the night and a baby’s first words, is something that parents seem to really love talking about. It starts before birth, when people talk cloth vs disposables, covers, clips, nappy bags, and then moves on to the toilet habits of their newborns – are they weeing (and therefore drinking enough), what […]

Spectrum Dweller

I’m an autistic woman. I have a long history of depression, and some hefty anxiety issues. Combine that with my sensory processing issues and some periodic insomnia, and it means that in addition to NinjaGirl’s stuff we need to find ways of accommodating my stuff that makes the family work. It’s a balancing act that we don’t always […]


It’s heard a lot in parenting circles – especially from parents of children who have extra needs, or require higher levels of care than other children. This idea that those children are here to teach us lessons about something. Or that there is a “higher purpose” for their “suffering” (child or parent, you can take […]