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As a child, legend has it I was ‘easy going’. I just ‘fit right in’ to the family and ‘didn’t cause any problems’. I just ‘went along with things’. Is that what my family thought? Looking at me from the outside, I can see that is what people might have thought. Inside was a different […]

It is only a season

I tend to think of myself as a parent, second time around. This is because there is an age difference of almost 15 years between my daughter and son. I can’t really remember much of the day to day stuff from my daughter’s early years. I remember her baby face when she slept, that she […]

“I 100% accept that my child is autistic but…..”

In my conversations with parents of autistic children, I’m noticing something interesting about the idea of acceptance. Some parents share that they completely accept that their child is autistic, but they go on to search with desperation for a solution to many of the behaviors that come with autism. I know the feeling of being desperate for things to be […]