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Our Autistic Family’s approach to therapy

Therapy is a controversial topic. I have previously discussed why we go back and forth from little to no therapy for our three autistic children. I do not believe in “Early Intervention” or other pathologizing approaches that view autistic people through the lens of brokenness and ableism. We have continually refused all compliance based therapy. […]

Autistic, not broken

Autism “professionals” tell me you need a lot of help and intervention. NOW, before the window closes. They say. They meet you and talk of deficits. They check boxes and tally scores. I disagree. You are not a thing in need of fixing. They are really missing out, these people who cannot see how perfectly […]

The antidote to grief

What if the antidote to grief was acceptance? I believe it is. My three children are all autistic. My husband and I are not sad about it. I did not grieve at any of their diagnoses. We already knew and autism was so intertwined with our daily life that there was no devastation whatsoever upon […]