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Learning to Exhale

I have been holding my breath since the day my eldest son was born; holding my breath and running. In fact, my whole family has been running headfirst at the world. It’s how we’ve always done things – working, volunteering, careers we love, a business, house, three children, friends and family. Every day for four […]

We are Gatekeepers and Guides – Navigating the therapy maze

CN: Reference to features of harmful therapies I was not identified as Autistic as a child and did not experience coercive behavioural (or any) therapies as a child. To understand the very harmful impacts most Autism ‘therapies’  have had on Autistic people, and why we resoundingly reject them, please take the time to read these […]

“I need space today”. Learning to listen and a year of discoveries.

Today was my sister’s birthday party. She was there the day my eldest son was born. They adore each other. He was excited about going to her party and dressed up for the occasion. As we arrived, he said quietly, “I need space today”. While everyone was celebrating outside, he moved inside, and sat with […]