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The eye of the cyclone

What is it like being a family of neurodivergent people? This is my experience… It’s not all sunshine and rainbows. No. Some days we crash and clash bang and bash Together A cacophony of sound and movement. Soothing, for some overwhelming. Restless nights and tired too-busy days. Without naps. Things that bring joy constantly encroached on […]

Learning to Exhale

I have been holding my breath since the day my eldest son was born; holding my breath and running. In fact, my whole family has been running headfirst at the world. It’s how we’ve always done things – working, volunteering, careers we love, a business, house, three children, friends and family. Every day for four […]

We are Gatekeepers and Guides – Navigating the therapy maze

CN: Reference to features of harmful therapies I was not identified as Autistic as a child and did not experience coercive behavioural (or any) therapies as a child. To understand the very harmful impacts most Autism ‘therapies’  have had on Autistic people, and why we resoundingly reject them, please take the time to read these […]