Not an outcome.

Sometimes I am jolted into the realisation that’s some people just don’t look at my child with my eyes. Or know him as I know him. They just don’t get him.

Being jolted into this realisation hurts. I wish people were able to put aside what they think they know about autism. Take your autism pity glasses off please.

Recently the biggest sting I recieved was having someone I know well ask “so when will he get better, what do they think his outcome is?”
The sharp intake of breath and the crushing hurt that flooded me, shook me.
Those words are still playing in my mind still.
Because he isn’t an outcome. He’s a person who is growing, a 4.5yr person. He’s a child with unlimited potential and so many facets I haven’t seen. I don’t know what my boy will surprise me with in the next year with all his growing.

And someone wants to know what his outcome is? What will his life be?
It hurts me because he’s so awesome that I can’t believe someone who knows him, cares about his “outcome”.
What is an outcome when talking about a human life? It’s such a detached concept  from the life they are taking about.

Because where I am his “outcome” looks pretty awesome. He’s growing, he’s learning, he is loved, he has interests, he likes hanging out with his fave people.
He’s just doing life like everyone is. Doing, being, seeing, thinking, feeling, loving.

The hardest thing here is that they are missing out on what’s so amazing right now. Here. With him, where he is at.
Where he is at.
Where he is.
Is he.
And he’s so here, just open your eyes.

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