Just the way you are (my nephew P)

I like scripting. A lot. Especially song lyrics – there probably isn’t a scenario that exists that I cannot internally conjure up a related lyric to some song (though I might not state said lyric aloud because it might not be socially appropriate for the setting). I was originally going to title this post “As […]

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Abstract image of a brain like shape with multi-coloured patterns and shapes attached to it and surrounding it. Artwork courtesy of Leif Prime


On a number of occasions, I’ve come across the view that autistic people lack empathy. This is a popular view in mainstream therapeutic circles and the media and one that many families seem to absorb. Being autistic means some kind of problem empathizing. I’ve heard parents of autistic children comment that their child ‘didn’t grieve’ when a loved one died […]

It’s rude to insist we are disordered

As an autistic person, I do not appreciate being viewed and treated as though I am inherently faulty or damaged. Many of us (autistics) have experienced how this plays out over a childhood, with our ways of being seen as innately wrong because they were atypical. This was, and is, happening whether or not we have […]